Utah People's Party

…proclain liberty through out all the land….(Leviticus 25:10)


Conventional political parties have a document called a platform that purports to state what the party stands for. Typically, active party members belonging to a platform committee argue among themselves for a time and then present their compromise, proposed platform to a convention. At the convention, the delegates argue more and likely make some changes. Once the convention approves it, the platform then sits on a shelf collecting dust. Each of a conventional party’s candidates runs on the issue positions he believes in or that seem most likely to attract supporters to himself. Party officers and members also ignore the platform. The argue-and-ignore ritual happens over again at regular intervals. For a conventional party at the national level, the interval between repetitions is four years. At the state or county level, argue and ignore might be repeated every two years.

The founders of the modern People’s Party are producing a series of essays explaining the purposes they have for starting up the Party. These statements of original purposes will be available to the public once they are completed which will happen before the Utah state government recognizes the People’s Party as an official party and grants a ballot line. Drafts of these essays of original purposes are connected to the Origin and Purposes Page. Citizens should look at these drafts to get an idea what the party founders hope the Party’s members and candidates will stand for. Once the Party gets its ballot line, a person who wants to know if the Party has held to its original purposes will look at the candidates.

Only a political party can place candidates for public offices on the ballot under the common organization name. Therefor the true measure of what a party stands for is the candidates the party puts on the general election ballot. As stated on the Citizens Page, it is the duty of each citizen to actively support the candidate in each race that comes the closest to that citizen’s own ideas of good government. Neither this duty nor any other duty of citizens mentioned by any ancient or modern prophet requires a party platform, so the People’s Party intends not to consume any of its members’ limited time debating and then redebating such an unnesesary document. See the Candidates Page to find out who the People’s Party candidates are.


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