Utah People's Party

…proclain liberty through out all the land….(Leviticus 25:10)


This page enables you to contact us and us to contact you. We do not sell any information about you that you give to us. Please contact us using this page if any of the following is true.

  • after prayerful consideration, you feel that you should help the party or any of its candidates.
  • you have a question or questions you would like us to answer.
  • you have suggestions for us.
  • you would like us to help you learn and fulfill your duties as a citizen.
  • you have some sort of official business to conduct with us.

Some notes about the fields in the contact form below.

Name (If you are registered to vote, please give us the name on your current voter registration)

Residential Address — We ask for residential address so that we will know the correct local party organization to have contact you. We do not use this information to send any mail. Postal mail from the Utah People’s Party is not yet available to those who want it because the Party does not yet have the money to afford such a service.

How shall we contact you? — (Typically this is an email address or phone number, but Facebook is also an option) You may give us multiple options if you wish.

Please ignore the reply/comment box below because it is no longer needed. We will remove it as soon as we resolve certain technical issues.


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