Utah People's Party

…proclain liberty through out all the land….(Leviticus 25:10)

Candidates List

Because the People’s Party is new and just starting up, it does not have a line of its own yet on the ballot. Utah State election law does not allow a new party to have a line on the ballot until its supporters have gathered the signatures of two thousand registered voters asking that the new party be granted a place on the ballot.  We are working now to get the word out that the party exists and that it functions in a better way than any existing party. Because the People’s Party is new and thus too small to get its place on the ballot, its candidates are “Write In” candidates this year or candidates on the ballot lines of allied parties. We explained the concept of “allied party” on the Introduction page.

U.S. President — Constitution — Virgil Goode

U.S. Senate representing Utah — Constitution — Shaun McCausland

U.S. House of Representatives —

District 1 — Constitution — Sherry Phips

District 2 — Constitution — Jonathan Garrard

District 3 — Write In — Jake Shannon

District 4 — Libertarian — Jim L. Vien

Utah Governor — Constitution — Kirk Pearson

Attorney General or State Attorney — Libertarian — Andrew McCullough

State Treasurer — Write In — Warren Rogers

State Auditor — Constitution — Richard Proctor

I, Warren Rogers, have a candidate website at


but I am putting most of my writing on the website of the Utah People’s Party because the purpose for my campaign is to promote the party not to promote myself as one candidate. Citizens concerned about the direction our state and nation are going could use their time and money supporting just one good candidate, but by using their time and effort promoting a better system for selecting candidates, those citizens will get more influence for good. The People’s Party offers that better system. If we work to build up the Party, it will give us a candidate worthy of our support in each race not just one race. I am the most active supporter of the Utah People’s Party thus far and the only one of the candidates listed above who promotes the Party.


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