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…proclain liberty through out all the land….(Leviticus 25:10)

Closest Candidate rather than Most Electable

on November 5, 2012

First Presidency Issues Letter on Political Participation

SALT LAKE CITY 22 September 2008 The following letter was issued by the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on September 11, 2008, to be read to Church congregations throughout the United States:

Political Participation, Voting, and the Political Neutrality of the Church

Therefore, in this election year, we urge you to register to vote, to study the issues and candidates carefully and prayerfully, and then to vote for and actively support those you believe will most nearly carry out your ideas of good government.

Not having the authority to speak as a representative of the Lord or of His church, our application of the above passage is opinion not official doctrine. The Lord wishes us to support the candidate that comes the closest to implementing our ideas of good government. The Lord lays out a positive duty. In contrast, many citizens feel that their duty is negative. The Lord says vote for and actively support the candidate that comes the closest to your ideas of good government, but many citizens instead look only at the two leading candidates, pick the more evil of those two and support the other leading candidate to prevent the more evil one from winning. We say that some citizens see their role as negative because it is about opposing evil not supporting good. Such citizens think that they should impose defeat on the more evil of the leading candidates. The People’s Party operates on the premise that the Lord never urges us to oppose any candidate. He urges us to support the candidate who should win. If there is a field with three or more candidates, then one of them is the one whom the Lord has chosen and all the others are not. Why oppose and feel responsible to impose defeat on just one of the candidates who are not the Lord’s chosen? All the rivals of the Lord’s chosen are opposing the Lord’s will. Why should we oppose one of them but not the others? The only way to oppose all of them is to support the Lord’s chosen candidate.


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