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…proclain liberty through out all the land….(Leviticus 25:10)

Brother Roger’s Track Record

on November 1, 2012


From: Warren Rogers (Chairman of the Utah People’s Party)
To: All citizens of Utah

The first candidate whom the Utah People’s Party endorsed, Warren Rogers (2012 Write In for State Treasurer) has made a major upgrade to his candidate Website,


We quote from our own Candidates Page. Speaking to each citizen who is choosing a candidate to support, we

… note that you have been instructed to chose your candidate based on how closely the candidate will carry out your ideas. It is not enough to identify the candidate who says the things most pleasant for you to hear. Other than revelation, the most reliable guild to a person’s future behavior is his past behavior. It is more valuable to know what a candidate has done before than it is to know what he says he will do in the future.

In order to help citizens see that the People’s Party endorses as candidates persons who have an appropriate track record of standing for the right, we aspire to show the citizens what our candidates stood for in the past. Warren Rogers was the Constitution Party nominee for Salt Lake County Council at Large back in 2010 and that campaign is a great opportunity for citizens to evaluate how well Brother Rogers stood for the right.

The 2012 Warren Rogers for State Treasurer web site, now has a page called “Previous Stands 2010” and attached to that page are all the issue stands that Brother Rogers had on his 2010 County Council website. We urge all Utahs to take a look at this track record our candidate has.

WarrenTRogers.WordPress.com     then
Previous Stands 2010


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