Utah People's Party

…proclain liberty through out all the land….(Leviticus 25:10)

Brotherhood of Man

on October 28, 2012

“But there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.” Job (32:8) This quote demonstrates that each person has a spirit. Obviously, each person also has a  physical body. This compound nature of man, we noted in an earlier post (Your Father is Perfect).

If we keep the commandments of God we are entitled to that inspiration, and if we live as the sons of God ought to live, we will have that inspiration, and nobody can prevent it, and the result will be our own physical and mental and moral development in mortality, and continued development throughout the ages of eternity. (Teachings of Presidents of the Church, George Albert Smith, p 119)

President Smith refers here to us as “sons of God” and that means God is the father of the Spirit within each person. Since we are all children of the same father, we are brothers and sisters. It is important that we remember another citizen is our brother when he stands in opposition to what we know is right. We should stand on the Lord’s side of every issue while still loving as our brethren, those who disagree with our stand. President Smith also teaches that following the guidance of the spirit of God results in celestial glory. The correct political ideology must take into account all these principles. The Utah People’s Party teaches such an ideology and will offer the citizenry candidates who govern according to this ideology when elected to public offices.


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