Utah People's Party

…proclain liberty through out all the land….(Leviticus 25:10)

Candidates of Allied Parties

on October 27, 2012

To be better than other parties, the People’s Party needs differ from them as we explain on our introductory page.

Another difference is that we expect to operate in a multiparty environment. A conventional party in the USA is designed to operate in a two party environment. When there are only two parties, the two must be rivals, so each is reluctant to ever admit that the other did something good. In contrast, when there are multiple parties, some parties will be closer ideologically to our party than the others and we see the closer parties as allies rather than rivals or enemies. Since we know that some other parties agree with us on many important issues, we expect to do much of our campaigning in cooperation with allied parties. We even propose that we and our allies make a formal organization to facilitate cooperation in campaigning and some other areas. We are humble enough to admit that we can never achieve a monopoly on goodness, wisdom, or honesty. Such a monopoly would require that we could somehow guaranty that others would never make any correct decisions which is not only unrealistic, it is even undesirable.(Utah People’s Party, Introduction Page)

The Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party both work to limit government and thus promote personal Liberty. These parties are allied parties in our view not rivals or enemies. So far, the Utah People’s Party has endorsed four candidates for the upcoming general election on Nov. 6: one Write In candidate, Warren Rogers (for State Treasurer), one Libertarian, Andrew McCollough (State Attorney/Attorney General), and two Constitutionalists, Virgil Goode (U.S. President) and Shaun McCausland (U.S. Senate). When we endorse a candidate nominated by an allied party, we do not require that the candidate to reciprocate by endorsing the People’s Party and so far none has done so. We hope the Lord will rewarded us for endorsing his favorite candidate in each race. Rewarding us is not the role of any candidate or other mortal. So far Warren Rogers (State Treasurer Write In) is the only candidate for public office who is promoting the People’s Party.


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