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The Five Thousand Year Leap

on October 6, 2012

We have used the following sentences, three times.

We appreciate W. Cleon Skousen and those who wrote the sources that Doctor Skousen draws from for the following quotations of Cicero. Doctor Skousen’s book, The Five Thousand Year Leap, is of great value as a summary of the ideas of America’s Founding Fathers and the sources they drew from.

Lets discuss further Doctor Skousen and his book, Five Thousand Year Leap. The book itself has this to say about its author on the page just before the preface.

Doctor W. Cleon Skousen, founder of the National Center for Constitutional Studies, serves as chairman of its board of trustees. Educated in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, he received his juris doctorate from George Washington University and was admitted to practice law in the District of Columbia, His background includes 16 years with the FBI, 4 years as Chief of Police in Salt Lake City, and 17 years as editorial director of the nation’s leading police magazine, while at the same time he served for 13 years as a university professor. He has also authored 23 books, including 6 college texts and the national best-seller, The Naked Communist.

The book was copy righted in 1981 and published by the National Center for Constitutional Studies. Of it, the author writes in the preface.

As I studied Constitutional law, there was always a nagging curiosity as to why someone had not taken the time and trouble to catalog the ingredients to the Founding Fathers’ phenomenal success formula so it would be less complex and easier to digest. It seemed incredible that these gems of political sagacity had to be dug out of obscurity by each individual doing it piecemeal and never really knowing for certain that the whole puzzle had been completely assembled.(preface page xiii)

And Doctor Skousen found others who wanted an easier way to study the ideas of the founders of the USA.

…one of my friends in Congress said he would like to study the Founders’ ideas. What he wanted was a simple, easy-to-understand book. So did the rest of us. My text on Constitutional law was three inches thick and was so cluttered up with complex, legalistic rhetoric that it would only confuse a farmer, businessman, or real estate broker who had just been elected to Congress. It was even confusing to those of us who were trying to get a handle on “the system” so we could pass the bar examination. The fact that some of us did pass the bar “the very first time around” was always counted within our secret circle as a providential miracle! (preface page xiv)

Despite years of searching, Doctor Skousen did not find a suitable book. So he wrote,

Eventually, circumstances were such that this writer overcame a prevailing sense of apprehension and undertook the task of trying to do something along these lines just as a matter of personal insight. Now, a hundred digested volumes later, and after a most gratifying visit with many of the Founders through their letters, biographies, and speeches, this book has been assembled.

If may appear to some to be a very modest contribution, but it has been a monumental satisfaction to the author. Never before have I fully appreciated the intellectual muscle and the quantum of solid character required to produce the first modern republic. I have gained a warm affection for the Founders. I have learned to see them as men imbued with all of our common weaknesses called “human nature,” and yet capable of becoming victorious at a task which would have decimated weaker men. I have learned to glory in their successes and have felt an overtone of personal sorrow when they seemed to attain less than they had hoped. It has been a marvelous adventure in research to perceive the ramifications of the Founders’ formula for a model commonwealth of freedom and prosperity which became the United States of America. (preface page xv)

It appears that Doctor Skousen calls the book  The Five Thousand Year Leap because recorded human history stretches back nearly five thousand years but nearly all the progress of the human race has occurred in the last two hundred years, which was after the Constitution of the United States was ratified. Most of the progress in human history has been one great leap at the end and that great leap has come from the civilization founded be George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and their contemporaries.

The People’s Party encourages all citizens to study the book called The Five Thousand Year Leap because it contains a simple but insightful overview of the principles that made the United States the greatest nation by far in the history of the world. Not only are the ideas of our Founding Fathers presented but also, the sources from which they got their great ideas are identified. The only significant error that we know of in the book is the Author’s interpretation of the wings on the American eagle which starts on page twenty-five. This interpretation is contradictory to itself and to well documented truths in other parts of the book. The rest of the book is a treasure and all citizens should study it diligently as an introduction to the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.


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