Utah People's Party

…proclain liberty through out all the land….(Leviticus 25:10)

No Need to Fear

on September 24, 2012

When facing the challenges of our time, it is well that we remember the hope inspiring message of a familiar hymn, third verse.

If we do what’s right we have no need to fear, for the Lord, our helper, will ever be near; in the days of trial his saints he will cheer, and prosper the cause of truth. (Let Us All Press On, Hymns 243)

When we consider such disparate issues as unemployment and terrorism, we note a common element. Many of our fellow citizens are afraid. This need not be. Let us do what is right and trust the Lord. We have read many stories in Holy Writ about believers who faced some great peril or other. Each time the Lord asked them to do something that did not make sense from a worldly or secular point of view but when the faithful did the Lord’s will He protected them. No prophet has ever told us to put our trust in a government exercising unconstitutional powers. What our Lord has told us about the Constitution is this.

77 According to the laws and constitution of the people, which I have suffered to be established, and should be maintained for the rights and protection of all flesh, according to just and holy principles;

78 That every man may act in doctrine and principle …, according to the moral agency which I have given unto him, that every man may be accountable for his own sins in the day of judgment. …

80 And for this purpose have I established the Constitution of this land, by the hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose….(Doctrine and Covenants 101:77-78,80)

Our Lord has told us that the constitution “should be maintained for the rights and protection of all flesh….” Is the Constitution being maintained when we allow our government to detain terrorist suspects indefinitely without any trial? What does the constitution say about those suspected of wrong doing?

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the state and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the assistance of counsel for his defense. (U.S. constitution, sixth amendment)

Many of our citizens seem to believe that the accused has rights unless he is accused of terrorism. This supposed exception is neither stated nor implied anywhere in the Constitution. Every person who ever has been or ever will be accused of breaking any law or of endangering his fellow man in any way is a child of God and we should treat he so. Let us remember what we sing. “If we do what’s right we have no need to fear….”


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