Utah People's Party

…proclain liberty through out all the land….(Leviticus 25:10)


Some Principles of the People’s Party

  •     On one hand Freedom of Religion, on the other Separation of Church and State–these are two different concepts, Freedom of Religion being the correct concept taught by our Founding Fathers.
  •     All good things come from God, so good government must come from God and morally valid rights must come from God.
  •     Morality and Constitutionality are distinct concepts, morality referring to eternal, universal, and objective principles, constitutionality referring to the will of the general citizenry expressed by their approval of a constitution.
  •     Living a morality correct life is essential to the happiness of each person, both now and forever.
  •     It is a moral principle that just political power can only come from the consent of the Governed.
  •     A State or Federal Constitution can properly serve as the formal, official statement of the powers the governed consented to let their government have only when that constitution is interpreted according to original intent.
  •     Both moral principles and constitutional provisions limit government and only by respecting both types of limits can government achieve full legitimacy.
  •     The Constitution of the United States of America sets up a federal system in which there is a  government for each state and a general government over all the states, the general government being responsible for defending each state from invasion or other attack and the individual state governments being responsible to govern the people within their own borders.
  •     Officers of state governments are bound by oath or affirmation to support the constitution not the government of the United States, and this oath obligates state officers to reject acts of the general government that conflict with the U.S. Constitution.
  •     The duty of the citizens and of the legislators is to make the law of the land conform to moral principles and to any applicable constitution.
  •     The best possible political party is completely owned and controlled by active, dutiful citizens, not by members of the ruling class.
  •     A political party is about candidates not about a platform because only a political party can put candidates on the ballot but any type of organization can produce a document that states positions on individual issues.
  •     The most good, wise and honest citizens should fill the politically elite positions, both as leaders within the party and as leaders within government.
  •     Because the most good, wise, and honest citizens are humble rather than prideful, they will not step forward and compete for or claim the elite positions so their follow citizens must seek them out and draft them to serve in the elite positions.
  •     While all citizens are equally obligated to work to achieve good government, it is those of the majority religion who have the votes needed to restore God to his rightful place in our public life and hence it is the those of the majority religion of each state to whom the People’s Party appeals to join this party and use active participation in this party to fulfill your duties of citizenship.

The links on the right side of this page give more information about the Utah People’s Party. Here is a brief overview of the pages to which those links lead.  From “Introduction” down, the links appear in suggested viewing order.

  •   Short Messages — A blog of messages from the our candidates or announcements from our Chairman. The search field at the upper right corner of this page searches for relevant Short Messages.
  •   Videos — of our candidates
  •   INTRODUCTION –Answers the most obvious questions about the party.
  •  CITIZENS — Duties of; Activity in the party is designed to fulfill the duties of citizens.
  •  CANDIDATES — What any party is really about. Our candidate selection process. List of our candidates.
  •  VICTORY — We seek victory for citizens not victory for candidates. We save souls. Page elaborates the victories we will achieve.
  •  ORIGIN and PURPOSES — Story of the former People’s Party; elaboration of the purposes for building a modern People’s Party.
  • MEMBERS — Explains who are the People’s Party members, how the members control the party, member responsibilities
  • OFFICERS — Announcement of who the officers are, how we select them and what they do showing contrast with other parties.
  • MEETINGS — of party members make the party’s decisions. How the party member meetings make best possible decisions.
  • PLATFORM — Explanation of why we do not have a platform and of what we do have.
  • DELEGATES — Explanation of how — when the time comes — we will do a better job of electing delegates than existing parties do.

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